Creating a Linux User

Follow the next steps to create a Linux User with a home directory which will be used by the AimBetter Agent. This user doesn’t need any special permissions.

  • Enter the Linux terminal with a user that has admin-level access
  • Run the following script. We’ve named the username “aimbetter,” but you can choose any username
sudo useradd -m  aimbetter
  • Check that the user was created with the chosen username with this script:
ls -la /home/aimbetter/

After creating the “aimbetter” user, select a password for the user by entering the next command (“aimbetter” is the created username)

sudo passwd aimbetter

Following this command, an empty box will be displayed with an option to insert the password. Please insert your password and press enter.

If the password is not accepted according to the requirements, you will receive an error message and be requested to enter a new password.

If the password is accepted, you should receive a confirmation message.


The created Linux user must run any commands from his Login shell. To check if you are using the Login shell, run the following command: ” $ echo $0 " . If the result is “-bash” or “-su” you are on the Login shell. Be sure that it has a hyphen (-) as a prefix.

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